Sunday, March 26, 2017

What I Wore: Crazy Cat Lady

There are days when I work from home, and I'm totally tempted to just stay in my pajamas, messy bun and not fuss with how I look. and YES! There are definitely days I do that. I'm not totally proud of it, but hey, it happens. As women, we tend to take on so much responsibility - whether it's being a mom, entrepreneur, student (or all those things combined!) - I think it's important for productivity, confidence and even our basic self esteem to get dressed, put on some make up, do something that makes us feel good - even if no one will even lay eyes on us today. I know I feel better with a little mascara on! One of my favourite motivational quotes:
"Get Up
Dress Up
Show Up
No Matter What."
I have a love for graphic tanks and tee's. I have a love for cats - specifically Big Cat, my rescue kitty. So when I was walking through the mall yesterday and saw this tank on a sale rack I HAD to have it! It's kinda perfect for me!

 photo CrazyCatLady_zpspkjylnvu.jpg
Graphic Tank {Envy Clothing Co.}
Denim Shirt {RICKI'S}
Necklace - it's an older one from my stash, maybe RICKI'S or Suzy Shier
 photo Quote1_zpsc0mvekgj.jpg

Sunday, March 6, 2016

How to Take Action on Your Week in 5 Steps: Free Printables

I get asked all the time "how in the world do you juggle so much on your plate?". Since being back on the east coast during the last 5 months, I find time to work 3 part time retail jobs - I love my stores and the schedule flexibility is great. But then I also run 2 home businesses AND somehow find time to have a social life! Living a life that has balance and works for me has always been important. It was a huge topic for discussion with my mentors in university when I was juggling 2 programs concurrently, an internship and a part time job - and really, I haven't slowed down since!

 photo to_do_list_BLOG_zpsr03j1znf.jpg
I have put together my best tips on how to make the most of your week - no matter what you've got going on! Check out my free download at the end to help you effectively plan your week and your month!

1. Be Less Busy and More Productive.
The first note I have on this topic is, what are you spending your time on? Take an inventory of how you spend your day - be real about it. Netflix? Pinterest? Don't get me wrong, I love those things, and spend time on them daily - yup, watched all of Fuller House in 24 hours! But, if I'm finding time being wasted when I should be doing other things, I need to give myself a kick in the right direction to get it done. Tackle something from your to-do list. It doesn't need to be big, but be productive!

2. Plan Ahead to Give Yourself More Time.
For me, this means having a small calendar in my purse at all times to track appointments and schedule. When someone asks: "Hey, are you free Saturday afternoon?" I can check immediately. I also have a larger planner for weekly spreads so I can see my whole week at a glance - then I can block out time for "real job" work, my business, social time etc... It gives me lots of room for notes too.

Something that has been really important to me for a balanced life is finding time to be healthy. For many people this becomes back burner/low priority so quickly, when really it should be number one. I walk to and from work and for errands whenever I can, make (mostly) good choices at the grocery store and my go-to solution for busy weeks when I don't have time (or want) to be in the kitchen - meal planning and preparation. I can batch cook and plan which meals I need to bring to work with me so I can still eat on the go - without having to resort to convenience foods. I make real food convenient.

3. Do What Works for You.
Are you a morning person? A night owl? Use that to your advantage! If you get tons of stuff done at night after everyone else is in bed, who says you have to follow the old "early bird gets the worm" saying? Maybe your worm is actually a firefly! How cool is that?
I tend to go back and forth depending on the speed of life. Some days I'm up at 7am and get tons done before 10am! Some days, I can be just starting after supper and go til 1am. I have learned to just go with it!

4. Do More of What You Love.
Seriously, have more fun. That's why I love my businesses - they're about being with other women and having fun. I get to have some social time mixed with work! Plan a date night! Book a weekend activity! Put on PJs at 6pm and watch Netflix every once in a while! Whatever it is, find something you love to do -that re-energizes you, fills up your cup - and make a point to do more of it!

5. Put it in Front of You.
I used to make grocery or errand lists, then forget them at home. I would just wing it but I'd never get home with the things I needed done or even that night's supper! I use calendars and planners for the big picture - appointments, work schedule, etc... But I love checklists for the nitty gritty. Do you know what I love even more? Checking off the boxes, crossing items off completed, throwing out that post-it note. Yes, post it notes was how I kept organized in university. Each class would have a color, then I'd write an assignment on each post-it with the due date on it, and then put them on my wall (with a little extra tape so they'd last the whole semester!) then tear them off one by one as I completed the work. Whatever way you like it, get your to-do in front of you!

I wanted to create a printable checklist that I could use for my weekly and monthly recurring actions. Things that I generally do each week and each month. I left a space for notes at the bottom - I tend to be a doodle-er.
 photo IMAG5261_1_zpscnyuaylh.jpg

I'd love to see how you're using your planning sheets! Comment on this post - or better yet, CONNECT with me on Instagram!